Exposed whores media exposed

Here is yet another post of how ignorant and yet lies that Exposed Whores Media, has set himself up. Owner Mr Lloyd Platinum aka Lloyd Putnam of Las Vegas Has recently posted allegations of how I franklin Rush Made a mistake of sending him pictures and videos of his work of his Thief and girlfriend, Lidia Leann Lee aka Farrah Valentine aka Serenity Haze Of Haughton Louisiana . First of all If you look at these photos you can see it has my number on top. It also says cricket. But if you look at it you will see icons on bottom that comes from Apple iphones not Cricket lol. These are photoshopped and as he always throw in my face is data. Ok mr lloyd platinum, You know I dont know your fucking number for one lol and how the fuck could i have sent this to you? So data will play a factor on this. Ill be asking for them to search my phone for that for sure. These are screenshots from your blogsite dumbass. Again Makes you look ignorant and proof yall are just coming up shit on me.

Once they see that I didnt send this shit to you dumbfuck, they may start questioning you and these accusations. Here is the link to these fake accusations on this bullshit.


Im turning myself in tomorrow.7-10-17 so its all good because im walking in and giving up my evidence on everything. And trust me when i get out, yes your right mr lloyd, there are civil courts and yup i will be taking her to court even if its petty stuff. And you can try sueing me because you wont get anything. See im smart My money is under a family members name and yea lidia can search my facebook page yet again and try attacking my family again, but she wont find who has my money lol. Oh yea You can sue Panther all you want because as of friday i no longer work for them. I was a independant contractor for them. I didnt get paid through them lol. So again good luck with that one too.


So anyone who reads this please be advised that That aka exposed whores media , exposed whores on twitter , be aware that they will come up with fake accusations if you try buying anything from them or if you say something.

Also be aware of lidia leann lee aka Farrah Valentine aka serenity haze if you order any custom video or buy anything from them make sure you get a definite time of when you will receive it. Its july 9th and i bought a custom video 10 months ago and still never received it. Bought an hour and half of skype  same time and only got 30 minutes of it. still owes me 1 hours worth. Still totals over $200. So beware of her.

I bet they wont repost this post.




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