Beware of Lidia Lee aka Farrah Valentine

Here I will talk to yall about How I Franklin Rush is being falsely accused of alot of major accusations thats coming from both Lidia and her boyfriend Lloyd.

Recently i was accused of many many different accusations that are all false and Since she or him will not tell the truth then i will. I became friends with Lidia Lee back in september 2016 after watching one of her webcam shows on . From then on I bought a 30 minute custom nude video and a 1 hour skype show. Things from that time on really gone fucked up. I from there met her 2 times to go shopping and thought things was great. She at this time was a great person to know and a great friend. December came around and things went sour . Her and I both was steady getting stalking messages and it got so bad it made her hate me so much she blocked me from everything.. Christmas time came around the corner she became my friend again and of course i bought her a christmas present . January 2017 we was still friends. Her birthday came around the 22nd of january and that was pretty much when i started Promoting her for her website on facebook and twitter and instagram. I was given permission to use her photos and videos to promote her Just like i am doing now with another couple.

Well here it is april 2017 and i started getting accused of portraying to be a military guy which are false. I was accused of being her stalker. This accusation even says that i was told by police to leave her alone. Um ok no….. I was never called on or approached by no cops or detective to leave her alone so thats another accusation thats a lie. They accused two Twitter accounts i promote saying that I was paying them to watch Her pages on facebook and twitter and chaturbate.. Another huge lie.

Now remember when i said i paid for a 30 minute custom video and 1 hour skype video? Well back in may 2017 She tried to extort $1200 for me to get that video and skype show and if not i wouldnt getting it. Here its july 25 and still nothing. Thats $200 stolen from me . Ill post a picture on that text message.

March 2017 i bought $60 in merchandise off poshmark from her. It was agreed apon that she would the merchandise til i came through town and pick it up. Well since she and I arent friends nomore and she has me blocked on all social media site and i blocked her on all social media sites, she refused to give me what i paid for here. She refused to get in touch with me on where to send it or if id like a refund from this merchandise. This is $60 stolen from her. Picture of proof of this purchase will be shown.

There’s many other things about this girl that everyone needs to be aware of. I will be posting more soon. I just wanted to make everyone aware of this girl. She post she does custom videos, which in fact she will steal your money or give you an excuse after a few days on why she hasnt done it yet. Id be very very cautious of her.

Also be aware of her boyfriend L. Plat…. He runs software that can read your IP address and which he can get anything he wants from you. He tried running it on me saying i was in detroit michigan when in fact i was in indiana. I run a VPN on my phone to block dumbasses like him. I got it because of the stalker back in 2016 and warned Lidia to do the same . I just find it funny how all the stalker text quit when he started dating her in may. Aint it funny how that stalker knew my passwords and accounts to delete both lidia and mine different accounts. Its just strange how i still got all my new accounts now, he cant break in them anymore lol. Like he said he was able to take my dropbox account, Funny I still have my dropbox account.

Now if I’m this huge stalker, who supposedly had something to do with her porn career ending last year according to her boyfriend blog, which is false bc I didn’t even know her when she did porn, then why did she call me the end of May crying asking for my help to get back to Louisiana from Vegas? Also why did she text me not once, not twice but 3 times at the end of May while she’s in Vegas to see if I could pay her electricity bill for $169?

And now who is stalking who? Check this out:

She blocked all my social media sites and had all my promo Facebook accounts shut down. So I get a message via Facebook messenger a couple weeks back. Unknown who it is , I get this sent to me from lidias snapchat account. Now granted her and her boyfriend both asked me not to say their names anywheres. Ok no problem. And I asked them for same courtesy.  Nope what was I thinking? She’s been trolling my personal Facebook account to get this picture because it was posted about 2 years ago only on Facebook. Remember I blocked her Facebook in early May. Now how the heck she got this and defame my name? Who trolling who?image.png

heres another one. This guy, her boyfriend has gone as far as to troll my old YouTube account. You must be searching dude really hard considering this came from an account with a video of me goofing around while fishing. And he calling me creepo? I’m not stalking nor do I have to make shit up like Lidia and her irrelevant boyfriend does. It’s pretty bad when you have 20 different Twitter accounts and have to press like on your own stuff you post and be the only person to press like lol. If you like being called a whore, contact him. He loves calling all webcam,strippers and escort girls whores. Thanks for the stalking thoughimage.png

So another story is about how I confessed my love to Lidia on my old Facebook. It was private it was posted publicly. I have nothing to hide. Yes I did love her and I really started to think this only after she blocked all my social media sites in April. Yes it’s no secret either that I liked her, before then. It’s not like thousands of other men didn’t like her or say they love sure it’s not like she’s not told this everyday considered she’s a webcam girl and somewhat a pornstar if you want to call her that. She’s a model, that’s one of the main things I liked about her. I had a vision back this past January that she actually going to spectacular female I knew, that would be on front covers of men’s magazines. She had that passion too. She talked about it a lot. That’s why she allowed permission to try to get her name out there on social media. I know at the time I was a nobody but I was willing to spend money and do my best at it. It got to the point where she posted stuff on Amazon to get to do photoshoots with. Her and I talked about some of her ideas and every one was great. She would post stuff on Facebook she needed for shoots and I finally stepped up and started buying everything she needed. 2 good examples.

1: she needed a rebel flag bandana and rebel flag shirt. Nobody was willing to buy it for her so I did.

2: she was doing this special photoshoot for her boyfriend at the time. She needed everything that dealt with NY Giants. She posted it on Amazon what she needed, yup I got it. Right along with her Texas A&M fleece blanket.. She wanted it I got it. Below is just a few of the items i bought her starting with her purple hair, the tutu, skull outfits, black and red corset,, ny Giants stuff, rainbow heels. In the months of December to March 2017 between makeup,4-5 different hair colors and designs, heels , outfits, food, weekly to bi weekly whole foods gift cards, paying 2-3 of her electricity bills, one $150  waterbill , $260 cash so she wouldn’t loose her trailer from a bail bondsman, in almost 4 months I racked up over $4000+ on her because I believed in her. I was proud of her.


With everything said and shown here, I’ll admit this. Even though her and her boyfriend insist on insulting, slander my name, attack my friends, posting my drivers license number, date of birth, place of employment, that’s all ok. If that’s what she feels make her look like a queen, and since he’s whipped, then more power to ya. Just looks bad on Exposedwhores aka her boyfriend domain name, because it’s got your website all over that blog post. Not only is it illegal in Nevada, it’s illegal in all states to post anybody’s personal identification.

So before I go there is just one other thing. June 11th, 2017 was the exact last day I made contact with her through email. She asked me in her last message to me again to leave her and her boyfriend name out my mouth. Ok no problem, I haven’t said or posted anything about any of them. My last message to her after that was to do me same respect and not say my name anywheres. She never replied back.

So June 11th the same exact day, she made a Twitter account and her and him started bashing my name, posting blogs about me and yet she asked me not to say their name? Excuse me , two faced much?image



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